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March 2-8, 2014
Arrive Sunday, 5 day workshop, depart Saturday

Kecia Deveney

Gypsy Journey

Join, me, kecia deveney, self appointed, gypsy warrior. I’m a nomad, a traveler, an adventurer and an artist. I love to paint, sew, salvage and create story telling jewelry. I come to Mexico on yet another adventure to teach my style and thoughts behind creating unique, wearable pieces of art.

Kecia Deveney Gypsy Secrets
Kecia Deveney Mosaic Lavailere
Gypsy Secrets
Mosaic Lavailere

I spend a lot of time at flea markets, salvaging one of a kind pieces of detritus (another man’s junk), to use in my pieces. Each component is unparalleled and lends a bit of history and nostalgia to my work. Since these are vintage items and not mass produced, the history is easier to convey and to the viewer, tells a unique story that resonates with their heart.

We will spend 5 days creating with our components. Components with history, maybe belonging to a grandmother, etc. We will weave stories through soldering (with a torch and also a soldering iron) and some basic jewelry techniques to bring these pieces to life. We will learn how to foil glass, flood solder metal, create attachments with an iron, learn metal stamped lettering, wire wrapping and how to pour resin. Each thing we learn is only another layer into creating your own personal style of jewelry.

Kecia Deveney Nostalgic Dreams
Kecia Deveney Time Travelers
Nostalgic Dreams
Time Travelers

Please feel free to email me at with any questions.

Making art at Hacienda Mosaico is absolutely transformative and totally hot! Prepare to lose yourself in this exquisite tropical paradise with art and color everywhere. As soon as you walk into this oasis you will be inspired and feel completely at home. You simply cannot be at this artist retreat and walk away uninspired. Everyday we’ll be served a freshly prepared full breakfast and lunch poolside. Now is the time to receive the richness and magnitude of saying yes to beauty and your desire to be creative.
This is an invitation for everyone from the absolute beginner to the masterful mixed-media maven. Our days will be filled with plenty of time to settle into the uninterrupted flow of dedicated art making time, to indulge in poolside relaxation and to venture through town. Are you in?

Price of the class is $1450.00

Kecia Deveney
jewelry, mixed media artist and instructor

Kecia Deveney
Kecia Deveney has a vintage soul, and she loves the individuality of found objects. With her passion for making and displaying gifts and home decor, kecia found her connectedness to the art community by blogging, selling her beautiful art online, teaching, and through the creation of her website. Her work has been published in magazines and she enjoys working in a diversity of art mediums which is reflected in the free-spirited, gypsy nature of her artwork. Visit her at http://www.lemoncholys.blogspot.com

Gypsy Journey Supply List

  • Soldering kit: (etsy) - contains: soldering iron with small decorative tip, mini phaser rheostat (absolutely required), paste flux, solder 60/40, copper sheeting, 4oz. black patina, 4oz. cj’s flux remover, packet of steel wool.
  • Sterno ST06003 Professional Culinary torch - Amazon
  • jewelry tools: wire cutters, round nose pliers, chain nose pliers, flat nose pliers
  • small hammer ( I use one from Michael’s)
  • travel size bench block.
  • metal shears for jewelry (etsy).
  • black sharpie
  • 2 wash cloths
  • old cookie sheet or soldering mat.
  • dremel rotary tool with aluminum oxide grinding stone bit (make sure its charged and ready!)
  • scissors
  • spool 18 gauge nickel silver wire.
  • chain: We have 4 projects to complete and each necklace will need a chain with a closure. So a variety of chain is advisable. I use vintage chain parts that I find at the flea markets on old necklaces and upcycle them (and I mix them up) You want to be able to solder with them, so newer things from Michaels that says “silver coated is not advisable”.
  • components: I will be supplying a few fun components in your kits, but you’ll need to pack a variety of interesting components to use in your work. Study pictures of my work to get an idea of interesting things to look for. Again, I tend to shop at the flea markets and buy odds and ends that I think will look cool in my work. Look through your jewelry box as well for odds and ends. Think crosses, rosary beads, coins, broken earrings, grandma’s brooch, keys, thimbles, charms, etc. Check out this picture on my flickr site of interesting components: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ lemoncholys/8721245064/in/photostream
  • some beads or pearls - with holes that will fit 18 gauge wire.
  • photos: vintage, family, tin types. small sizes like 1.5x 1.5. pictures that aren’t close up work best.

Please email me with any questions - . It is important that you arrive with the required equipment for a successful journey. I am happy to help and advise you. Borrowing items from your husbands toolbox is not advisable! I will also have a variety of components to sell during class time.

supply list subject to updates......

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