sacred objects – totems – talismans 

body of work 

by  susan lenart kazmer 

31 dec 2023 –  6 jan 2024
Arrival on Sunday, 5 day Workshop, Depart Saturday

This body of work built of uncommon sacred objects + symbolic shapes are exploring Totems, Talismans + colors of bright + vivid, light and dark are inspired by my travels though the dusty Sahara Desert of Morocco + vibrant streets of Mexico building on the theme of expansiveness + protection. 

Last year for me was filled with expansive beautiful + luxurious time to explore and renew and fill all 5 of my physical senses as an artist. It was a time to travel to these exotic places and smell new fragrances, aromas  and flowers, feel new oils and tactile materials, taste new flavors of spices such as cumin, saffron, red pepper and salsas, I was able to perceive new visions of grandiose architecture and in contrast tiny little details of nature and unusual color combination + symbolism that I have yet to explore.

For me as a creator and artist, it is the tiny little particulars in life that really inspire and excite me.     

The tiny little details that when one is in a hurry could be easily missed. These all helped to form a new process + understanding of what I experienced and bring them out into the physical by producing a fresh a new body of work sensitive to my travels.


Back at home in my little world + studio where I am safe to process it all. I can feel all of my travel soaking in and I can feel the shifting and reorganizing of who I am as an artist and a human being in my life.   

    This is how I reinterpret my experiences and bring them into the physical by producing a new body of work of Sacred Objects.

Some pieces are fun and light and may bring your joy such. As the horse hair earring, fringe and amber. Other pieces have ancient symbolic fossils that I excavated from the vast empty Sahara Desert to be worn as a Talismans of expansiveness. 


There are unusual components representing endless life + strength. Beautifully cut vibrant gems that will fill you In color and vibration as to their specific qualities relating to the chakras.

  Earrings dripping with natural formations of gems from the earth the blues, the reds, the pinks and the yellows and all of the pieces in flow for a ceremony, a party or to hang on your walls as d├ęcor.

choose your pieces by what makes you feel alive , fun and vibrant for this is the real purpose for living .          enjoy ! 

Workshop Information:

2023-4 Workshop Price: $ 2400

(Based on double occupancy)
This includes 6 night stay and 5 days of workshop.
Breakfast and lunch daily.
24 hour a day studio time.



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