bette barnet 

6 – 12 march  2022
Arrival on Sunday, 5 day Workshop, Depart Saturday

Strong and ethereal. Industrial and artful. Bold and alluring. Steel and gold jewelry
speaks to our mystical side by combining the strength of steel with the richness of gold.
Steel and gold display a contrast in aesthetics, a yin and yang that is surprising and

Throughout history, steel has played a starring role in industrial applications due to its
strength and light weight. In this workshop, learn how steel offers big advantages to the
jewelry artist, including high melting temperature, malleability and durability.

Learn to marry steel with high karat gold through fusing and Keum Boo (overlay). 

 Alloy your own gold, a technique with broad use. Other techniques include etching and
texturing steel, experimenting with rainbow hues of gold and applying gold and silver
foil to steel using the ancient Korean technique of Keum Boo. We’ll delve into creative
aspects of iron wire, steel mesh and perforated steel sheet and apply patinas for
dramatic contrast and seal your steel jewelry for durability.

You’ll complete at least two finished pieces, an etched cuff fused with two gold alloys
and a pierced pendant with Keum Boo. You’ll have time to work on your own designs
too. Skills needed for the class include solid experience with a jeweler’s torch and basic
metal working skills (sawing, filing, cutting, basic forming etc.)

All students will need to bring at least 2 pennyweight (DWT) of 24k casting grains
available from Rio Grande    https://www.riogrande.com/product/24k-yellow-gold-casting-grain/608700   or other suppliers.

Workshop Information:

2022 Workshop Fee: $ 1950 (based on double occupancy)

Workshop fee includes 5 days instruction, 6 nights of lodging, breakfast and lunch served poolside by the Hacienda’s personal chef, on workshop days. Unlimited use of studio 24/7. 

6 – 12 March 2022 . Students invited to a welcome reception on Sunday evening, 6 March . There will be lots of free time to explore Puerto Vallarta, shop or relax. Students depart Saturday, 12 March .


Student Kit for Making Magic with Steel and Gold…Etching, Fusing
and Keum Boo ($90)
The student kits are expected to contain the materials and supplies listed here;
however, it is possible that some modifications of equivalent value may be made as
• Fine silver and copper for use in creating gold alloys
• 1” x 1”rectangle of gold foil for Keum Boo. (Silver foil and additional gold foil
will be available for purchase.)
• Two sheets of mild steel 12” x 6” (20g and 22g)
• One sheet of mild steel 6” x 3” (12g)
• Iron wire (several gauges)
• Perforated steel sheet in various patterns
• Samples of the appropriate flux, pickle and sealing wax for steel
• Small container for gold pallions
• Tracing paper for gold foil
• Brass brush for cleaning steel
• Small abrasive pads for adding “tooth” to the steel surface
• Nitrile gloves
• Decocolor Paint Pen (black extra fine)
• One adhesive backed plastic stencil
• Laser printed designs (selection of various pre-printed graphics)
• Glossy laser printer paper
• Handouts
o Patterns for class projects
o Course presentation handouts
o Source sheets for purchasing materials and supplies
o Workshop feedback sheet


Making Magic Master Class: Tools and Materials Provided by

This is a guide to help you determine the tools and materials to bring to the
workshop. It is a guide and you are encouraged to bring whatever tools and
materials you typically use in your work.
• Basic hand tools
o Jeweler saw and 2/0, 3/0, 4/0 blades
o Small hand shears (sharp to cut gold foil, such as Joyce Chen or
sharp manicure scissors)
o Flush cutters
o Pliers (chain nose, round, etc.)
o Fine pointed tweezers (extras will be available)
o Ruler
o Scribe
o Steel or agate burnisher (will also be for sale)
o Files- flat and ½ round file (note that mild steel will not damage
o Hammers—mallet (rawhide or Delrin), whatever you like to use for
o Solder pick
o Digital calipers
o Jeweler’s scale
• Optivisor or other magnifying lenses if you use them
• Easy silver solder
• 14k easy gold solder (will also be available for purchase in small
quantities during the workshop)
• Sandpaper (sheet, sticks, etc.)
• Flexshaft burs or wheels that you like to use
• Particulate mask (disposable is fine)
• Lubricant (Burlife or bees wax)
• Two pennyweight of 24k gold casting grains (available from Rio
Grande and other vendors), at current prices, approximately $150-180.

WEBSITE : www.studiomigoto.com

EMAIL: bette@studiomigoto.com





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