making pets – Solange Piffer

april 14-20, 2019
Arrival on Sunday, 5 day Workshop, Depart Saturday

During this workshop you will create a mosaic portrait (pet chosen by Alexandre and Solange Piffer) Emphasis will be on picassiette, using dishes and pottery to develop texture and pattern within your work.

Under Solange Piffer and Alexandre Piffer’s guidance, you will gain understanding of the process of choosing a subject, transferring a design, laying materials of varied thicknesses with very colorful materials , creating texture, mixing & applying grout 
Safety concerns and much more.

Topics covered in discussion, demonstration & practice:
facial expression, light and shadow
guidance of how to work your mosaic with reliefs and forms of china
china cutting techniques & proper tool usage
laying patterns & effects
Understanding, mixing & applying grout 
Safety concerns

Workshop Information:

2019 Workshop Fee: $2,000

Workshop fee includes 5 days instruction, 6 nights of lodging, breakfast and lunch served poolside by the Hacienda’s personal chef, on workshop days. Unlimited use of studio 24/7. 

Materials will be included; however, everyone is encouraged to bring some of their own unique finds (dishes, pottery, teacups, etc) to incorporate into and personalize their work

Solange Piffer and Alexandre Piffer

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