Intuitive and expressive painting – Jesse Reno

14 – 20 jan  2024
Arrival on Sunday, 5 day Workshop, Depart Saturday   

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12 student limit

My classes are accessible to those who have never painted or drawn in their lives, and will teach even the most seasoned artists new ways of creating and addressing their creations. With a daily schedule of demonstration and lecture we start with simple shapes, marks, and applications. Each day will include various painting demos on techniques, and engagements in the creative process. We will combine these lessons to create pieces rich in variation, and conflicting ideas, which will pose questions for us and help us find and follow our truest desires and beliefs within our work letting mistakes lead us forward rather than stopping us. rather than struggling with an idea we recompose and reconceptualize our path.
These collisions and detours lead us to a new, richer understanding. We continue until we find fulfillment rather than a finished product. we search for a full story and experience.


In this mixed-media painting class you will learn to create paintings that emerge from an abstract base of markings, colors, line, and shape to form expressive and organic creations. You will learn painting and mark-making techniques that will encourage imagery and connection to your work. Through a series of painting exercises, you will explore and express your ideas by imagining what could be created from abstraction rather than confining your ideas to predetermined outcomes. 

Within the process, we will create narrative dialogue by noting what we see and feel in our work. Through the practice of subtractive painting we will remove the parts that are no longer relevant or keep us trapped from progress. This teaches us choice and freedom to change direction in our work. We continually build layers within our paintings combining fragments of past ideas with the new until we arrive at a feeling of completion. Through this engagement we learn to experiment, take risks, re-associate our work from perspectives unconfined by our expectations. This allows us to see things clearly and move to a more expressed and personal engagement when painting. 

Using simple materials and techniques you will be free to express yourself within your paintings in new ways – finding yourself as a painter from the raw base of art, learning your personal likes dislikes, connecting you to your practice and imagery from a position of experimentation and instinct, and teaching you to imagine the unimaginable. Enrollment limited to 12 students.

The techniques and underlying ideas focus on staying expressed within our process. not worrying about making mistakes rather learning to adapt fix and use our mistakes to create images that would otherwise not be possible. building a flow that teaches us to observe and follow freely based on our feelings about our work. teaching us to change directions to find new and unimaginable outcomes. a process built on experimentation and exploration. 

For visual examples of my work, bio, resume, and process please see my site



To get a feel for my background and ideas check out a talk i gave at the 
national art educators conference in chicago


extended process video –


press – 


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Workshop Information:

2024 Workshop Fee: $2400   (lodging included, based on double occupancy. Supplies not included). 

All bookings require a 50% deposit.
Deposits can be made with the paypal button below. Please contact me to arrange a different method of payment.
In order to hold a reservation we must receive the deposit within ten days of the booking being made.
The balance is due 45 days prior to your arrival date.


*Supplies are not included, and must be brought on your own. I have never had an issue traveling with these supplies.* 

– non toxic acrylic paints – bright red, block out white, pthalo blue, chrome yellow, mars black. I recommend dickblick blickrylic (1 pint each color) 

– oil pastels 1 each – red, white, blue, and any others you might like i recommend craypas 

– Bring 8-12 surfaces total. At least five surfaces should be paper, 18×24-24×36 inches, either water color or bristol paper. They need to stand up to paint. i recommend at least three canvasses, sized approximately 30x40in each. Please bring pre-gesseod canvas, not raw canvas. Also do not bring framed canvas, this way all of it can be rolled up in your suitcase.. Gessoed canvas is easily purchased not far from the hacienda. 

a mix of brushes 
-1 fan brush 
-1 2inch flat 
-1 1inch flat 
-1 4inch flat 
-1 round 
-any others you really like

1 pallette knife or something you can use to scrape through paint, something flat plastic or metal and aprox 2-4 inches wide

Here is a link to the supply list to order things through Dick Blick where i purchase my own supplies.


Jesse Reno

For information and reservations
contact Jesse @ 

 by phone at 503-235-8549 or